Rev Musa Daba has announced that he is standing down as Vicar of Churton Park Anglican in order to take up a role at a parish in south eastern Canada.

The news has  come as a surprise to most of the congregation. Rev Musa has indicated that he and his family have found the adjustment to life in New Zealand difficult.

Musa has thanked the CPAC church community for their generous hospitality, love and welcoming attitude. He also thanked Bishop Ellie for her support and pastoral concern.

"Long story, short, through guidance and prayer and confirmations from trusted mentors and colleagues and family, I decided to accept an offer from a parish in Canada to be their Rector" said Musa.

"This to me signifies a restart/reboot of my life. I believe God brought me to New Zealand and to CPAC for a reason: to teach me about myself in relation to Him. I am at absolute peace with my decision because I believe the Lord is in it and it allows for a restart. " said Rev Musa.

With regard to the parish in Churton Park Musa went on to say: "Yes there is heaps to be done for the future, but this church is endowed with great leaders and people who by God’s grace will take this church to new and greater places."

The Parish Council will continue to provide leadership to the church and to make arrangements for the transition following Musa's departure.

God be your comfort and your strength;

God be your hope and support;

God be your light and your way;



Rev Musa Daba has flown to South Africa to be with his family as they seek to secure a renewal of Jessie's passport. Levidia has been unwell. Keeping the family in our prayers for healing and a good outcome on migration documentation etc.

In the interim the Wardens and Parish Council are making arrangements for Sunday services through to Easter.


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